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Secure blockchains, earn rewards, and yield with us across multi-chain ecosystems anywhere around the world.

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Anchored in staking and blockchain infrastructure, we’ve been capturing opportunities in the over $300B USD Proof-of-Stake market and beyond since early 2019. Our distributed team serves to provide a diverse suite of crypto yield solutions rooted in trust, security, and growth.

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Staking Infrastructures

Infrastructures are on an active-passive setup for all validation nodes on a Hybrid node architecture housed on-premise at two Tier 3 Datacenters and with public sentries deployed on various cloud service providers.

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Complimented with automated deployment tools, we offer round the clock monitoring by a dedicated team to ensure that our validator nodes are consistently running efficiently.




Without the Hassle


Competitive fees

100% SLA on uptime slashing and rewards

Delegation offers convenience by saving time monitoring and participating in governance. Delegation and staking with us is available for over 20+ networks and more across major blockchain ecosystems via direct native staking platforms, crypto wallets, or our Unagii App platform.

Unagii App

We offer an exceptional ETH staking experience for individuals with 32 ETH or more with competitive fees and a robust staking infrastructure via an intuitive platform.

Eth Staking

We provide premium white-label services for institutions and HNWIs with large staking AUM for customized staking and maximum rewards. Easily run your own validators with nodes managed by us at a reduced cost without the technical and operational burdens.

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Multi-chain Ecosystems

Real-time monitoring

Portfolio and performance tracking

Performance reporting exports

The Unagii App is a non-custodial yield platform that allows anyone to securely earn on crypto assets across strategies and multi-chain ecosystems.

Natively stake ETH and help secure Ethereum on a non-custodial intuitive experience with validators securely operated by Stakewithus.

Staking Rewards
Verified Staking Provider

As part of the Staking Rewards Verified Staking Provider program, Stakewithus is verified with an industry standard for trust and transparency that adheres to best practices in staking.

Exceeds expectations in the assurance of secure staking on security setup, reliability, and business operations.
Providing strong value-add beyond security in the ecosystem and community.

Globally trusted and reputable

We're the only staking infrastructure provider in the world to be backed by a Government fund. We're trusted by global clients i.e. top exchanges, funds, and HNWIs for various yield solutions.

Flexible yield, bespoke experiences

Ensure what solution you require? We cater to individuals and institutions across varying needs and size. Contact us for a bespoke experience for assets over USD250k.

Why Stakewithus?


How do I earn yield on my crypto assets with Stakewithus?

Delegating and staking your crypto assets with Stakewithus allows you to earn yield on your crypto assets. Visit our non-custodial yield platform at for multi-chain self-serve solutions or eth.stakewithus for ETH staking specifically. For institutions and funds, kindly contact for more information on direct staking and white-label services.

How long has Stakewithus been in the business of staking?

We have been running performant node infrastructure since February 2019.

Is the company a licensed entity providing DPT services?

No, the company is currently not licensed to do so as we do not take custody of any customer funds. All services provided are non-custodial.

Who are your investors?

We are backed by SGInnovate - a Singapore government deep tech fund, Play Ventures, and angels investors.

Where is the team based?

We are headquartered in Singapore.

Still have questions?

Drop us an email or join our Telegram channel to drop us a message.

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Two platforms to stake and multiple options to yield.

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Explore ETH Staking on our dedicated platform serving all your Ethereum staking needs.